I just replaced fuel pump filter and relay pump will come on for just a second
on 2002 Pontiac Firebird

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And shut right off. Does anybody know what it could be
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Are you trying to start it or just checking operation.
I'm trying to start it every now and pump will kick in for just a second but will not
Stay on or build up Ny fuel presure . I'm going to try to replace the crankeshaft
Poisoning sensor. If you might have thought of something else let me know
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You replaced the filter, the pump, or both. The pump will prime for 3 seconds, if you have a gauge you can verify the pressure, can you cycle the key 3 or 4 times before starting the engine and does it build pressure. Did you install the pump your self or have it done. Don't change the crank sensor until you verify the fuel pressure. If you don't have fuel pressure the crank sensor will Not help you start your car.
I do not have fuel presure it will not build up fuel pump will not stay
On long enough to built up. Yes I replaced it my self. I have replaced
At least 50 pumps in my time. What else do you have
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If you did it right and have no leaks you will have pressure. Your line of doing 50 doesn't mean a thing to me I've done over 500 in my life and anything can happen. Now if you want my help I don't need you to be so sure you are good at what you have done. Right now is the issue. Double check your work something is wrong. Find it. If you jump the relay it might run longer. Think there is always a way to make it work. The hell with the other parts until this issue is fixed.
I jumped the relay and then pump runs fine but injector not opening.
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Check your computer grounds, can sensor, don't jump the gun and check injector pulse.
10/4 I'll check it in the morning and let you know Thanks for the help
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Going to bed as well.
I'm starting to thank its a computer problem. Soon as you turn the key on
the test light at the pump blinks for one second and shuts the pump down
can you thank of anything else
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It shod stay on steady for about 3 seconds. If it's blinking where at the computer ground leg or at the fp power leg. Did you check the injector pulse before discounting the computer.
Yes. Pump will not stay on
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Yes what and where did you put the test light
Something else is shutting the pump down
I'm just going to take it down and have a
It tested to pinpoint the problem.
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Test the PCM connection at the relay, it should be a ground and see if it does the same blinking.
It's not blinking. At the pump when you turn the key soon as you get juice it goes away
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Swap relays to a known good one.
Already have
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Bad wire or connection between relay and fuel pump.
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