I just installed reman valve body want engage in reverse on 2004 Nissan Maxima

it shifts out fine in all forward gears but want ingage in reverse

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Is that the reason the valve body was replaced or is this a new problem?
downshifting from 2 to first hard and it would take about 5 seconds to engage into drive only at normal operating temp everything works good now except reverse want engage this is a new problem
Still could be a valve body problem! ALL other shifter positions correct, park, drive and manual low?
there is 3 big solenoids and 5 small ones the clip on one of the small ones broke and I can here it a click in the valve body when in reverse does one of the small solenoids work reverse all other gears are fine and reverse worked fine in the old valve body I snapped the clip off one of the small solenoids when removing old valve body
There is most likely your problem! Any way to improvise?
can pull the valve body cover and put a new end on the wire so it will snap tight into the solenoid they will come lose easy without clip?does one of the small solenoids work reverse?
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i think you have gone where a normal man should not seek diag and est to repair