I just got in my car and found the vinyl laying on the back seat. Fix? on 2005 Ford Escape

I'm reading a lot of complaints about this same issue. I'm thinking Ford needs to recall and fix this for us loyal Ford lovers. If not, since I know nothing short of replacing the entire door panel, I am going to remove mine as they fall off, sand the metal down smooth and paint them.

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Write a letter to Ford Motor Company; Maybe they are not advertising the fault. Never Know what they might do. Just a thought.
Thank you. I think I will do that.
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There are specialty shops that do trim work, you could seek one of them out for advice. (Your dealer would likely know who/where they are for sublets) Most repairs can be done with 3M HiTach Adhesive (sp) but some foam backed panels can be difficult.
When I took a second look at the panel, I can see how it will be difficult to make any adhesive work so I bought a window screen splining tool and put the leather back in place as well as I could. It won't stay, but at least it won't just be hanging down, stretching out in the heat. I still think I can rub the dried out glue off, spray it with Kilz, then with Duplo ir get a computer paint match at my local paint store. I'll do the other doors if they fall off, too.
I just spoke with my local Ford dealer and explained the problem with the interior door trim of my 2005 Ford Escape. The Service Rep informed me that he has 'heard' that some have used 'Gorilla Glue' Grey RTV glue, 3M Spray Glue, or Headliner glue. I have called several shops one local and one on this forum and was quoted $85.00 to $110.00 for each door fix. Ford stated their fix is to replace the intire door panel as they have nothing to just replace the vinyl piece. Sounds like Ford has a better idea, problem is it is not a good idea!