I just got an oil change and now the "change oil" message is displayed... on 2005 Ford Explorer

The "change oil" message is displayed every time I start the SUV. I just got an oil change. Why is this message coming up?

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Whoever changed the oil didnt reset the oil change monititor system. Take it back and have them finish the job.
They should do it for free being that they had no problem taking your money for the service.
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#1- Left side of your radio should be 3 buttons, Info, Setup, & Reset
#2- Push Setup(5-8 times) until the message on the dash says, "Press Reset At Oil Change".
#3- Push the Reset button once. Your message now says "Hold Reset To Confirm". Hold the Reset button until your dash info says "Oil Life Set To 100%"
Press the Reset button 1 more time, you're done.