I just changed the thermostat on my 2001 dodge ram 1500 w/5.2 motor on 2001 Dodge Ram 1500

it only blows cold air with the heater control turned all the way.when I take the radiator cap off it doesn't look like the there is any movement in the water.Could it be a bad pump or is there something else I should check first?The temp its blowing thru the vents is about 65 degrees

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It is possible that the water pump is broken. Also, warm the truck up for a while and turn on the heat. Touch both the inlet and outlet pipes of the heater core. Both should be very warm to hot. (Don't burn yourself). If the outlet is much cooler than the inlet or the temp. overall is pretty cool, the core itself may be obstructed. Lastly, the blend door actuator may have failed and is not switching the duct to the heater core. Did this problem exist before you changed the thermostat? Does the engine temp. climb into the normal operating range? Make sure the coolant level is topped off. May just have a lot of air in system from the thermostat replacement.
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must be bled. try for instructions
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