I just changed the power steering pump, yet still have no power steering. on 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

I read where you have to flush and bleed the system. I have driven it to get the fluid to fill all the lines, but then discovered that they say you have to suspend the front wheels off the ground and work it right to left till all the air is out and you are not filling the fluid any further. Is it necessary to do this method? Is there anything else that could be wrong that I am missing? I am at wits end and need to get my power steering back. Please help!

rack and pinion is failed. get a bid for replacement.
no, the method is not needed. let a shop check it for you.

Thank you for your answer, not exactly what I was hoping to hear, since don't know how I can pay someone to do the work. Will the new p/s pump get damaged by driving the car with a bad rack n pinion?