I just bought this car. The drivers seat will not move when I am sitting on it. on 2001 Lincoln Continental

It will move back and forth when I am not sitting on it. I weigh 285 lbs. My 1993 chrysler Le Baron also had a electric seat and it worked fine. It would seem that this Lincoln seat should be able to move with me on it. I do hear the hum of the motor when I try to move it when I am on it.

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The seat motor is probably going bad causing your issue.
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the seat track assembly on this car is cheaply made, it either has an obstruction underneath, or your weight is pressing the motor off track slightly when you sit down. junkyard, get new seat track assembly (ALL that crap under the seat must be replaced, not just one motor). Or go to Ford, buy one new for several hundred...$25 at junkyard