i just bought this car and wondering about the timing belt and water pump replac on 2003 Saturn L200

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timing belt and water pump replacement have 135500miles ? also the tranny fluid and filter replacement ? i do not think these items where replaced ? car runs good what should i do about both items ??
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It's got a timing 'chain' no timing belt, no worries there. Water pump is externally mounted so it can be replaced as needed, no worries there either! I don't have any online repair instructions here, but the older Saturn auto's hade a trans. drain plug and an external spin on filter, just like on the engine, cool set up, if it's still like that. So if you can change the engine oil, you can do the transmission too! (( I am not sure if this year/model is like that or not!!)) May want to have this done either way, if you don't have any record that it's been done already. No need for a flush, just drain, change filter and refill!!!!