i hear raddling around the front driver tire when i drive. what could that be?

on 2003 Kia Sedona

it just started on my woy home to night. where should i starte lokking?

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is it a continuos rattle or stop and go more info needed please
it startes as i speed up to about 20mpr and it sounds lok it is doing it when that wheel turns to a certain point i need help .
2 possibilities. One is the wheel bearing is going bad which will make a grinding and rattling noise more pronounced as you go faster. 2 it can also be the CV joint in the drive shaft (half shaft) is failing and needs replaced. Need inspected to find out which one. CV joint will get louder as you turn the wheel.
i have a 03 kia van and mine needs wheel bearings on both side but the driver side has been replaced 1 time and now both sides need to be replaced