I hear grinding noises when I apply the brakes. on 2001 Pontiac Firebird

I had my brakes serviced and replaced 3 months ago so unless I was scammed, it should be something else. The noises and the 'feel' of the grinding are getting more prominent. This started 3 days ago. There was/is no squealing. The car does not pull to the side. It feels like it's coming from the front mostly

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return for warrnty insp it should be free and see what they say
I agree with #1
Have brakes inspected...
JUST a thought , but maybe don't go back claiming warranty until after they check it out. IF caliper and brake hoses weren't replaced at the time of service then , being a 2001 (on the road 10-11 years?) there may be another issue that wasn't apparent at the original inspection/service. Depending on the type/quality of pads used , they may not have had 'wear sensors' on them , so you wouldn't have heard a squealling first. .......JUST thoughts, hope it works out well for you.