I hear a thump thump thumb in the front end . on 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

The thump thump thump that seems to be associated with wheel speed---it is worse when driving straight
I replaced the front outer tie rods on both sides but the problem was not corrected. Any ideas?

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The thumping you are experiencing could be a few different things. In order of likelihood in my opinion:

1) faulty tire. A tire or tires that have a flat spot or abnormal wear will make many possible noises - thumping is one of them.

2) A wheel bearing. A faulty wheel bearing may grind, but can also resonate in a thumping manner.

3) Is this a 4 wheel drive truck? Your transfer case and axles may make some noise.

4) your drive shaft make make this noise.

Have a good inspection performed - should be fairly easy to see the noise in action under the correct environment. Have a qualified technician help you.

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Thanks for this response. I changed the front drivers side tire and sure enough...the noise went away. This saved me from some costly repairs. Thanks so much for your help and guidance. (BTW- the noise was initially attributed to faulty outer tie rods. So I went ahead with the repair. I wonder if I actually needed that $300+ expense...) Thanks again.
I have a mechanic that says it is my rear deferential? I bought a new one and have the same thump should I try one of these methods?
Sounds like mine. My mechanics are doing the rear end differential. Try that!