i havent used my car for a month. now my car wont start. what should i do on 2005 Honda Accord

my car wont start. i havent used it for a month. what should i do

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First do you have AAA tow service or any tow service? AAA has a diagnostic service and would come out and jump start your car .Your battery probably failed and needs a new battery, (cold weather ) Sears installs for free with purchase or napaautocare will install with purchase
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Hemicuda is right your battery may have failed. If is discharged battery is allowed to remain uncharged it will "sulfate" and never regain its full charge. Has any electrical load been left on that could have caused a draw on the battery? A battery should last four or five years, your could charge and test the battery but if it is the original battery that came with the car from new for peace of ming you may be best to replace the battery.