I haven't started my Excursion in 3 years (gas prices too crazy) on 2000 Ford Excursion

It ran well until the last time I used it...

What should I do to get it started and start using it again?

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You will have to replace the battery as it will have sulphated due to lack of use.
Look for obvious signs of bad coolant hoses or deteriorated fan belts.
Look to see rodents have not damaged wiring or built a nest in the air filter housing. Check all fluid levels and add fresh gas.
Ideally you could remove the spark plugs disable the ignition and crank over the engine for 30 or 40 seconds to build up oil pressure. Reinstall the plugs reattach the ignition and crank over the engine.
Run the engine make sure the cooling fan runs and the engine runs in the middle of the gauge.
Drive the vehicle then flush the brake fluid and change the engine oil and filter.
THANKS! I read something about removing the spark plugs and adding oil - necessary?