I havea 94 taurus 3.8 non police engine that overheats intown and highway on 1994 Ford Taurus

bout 6 months ago or so water pump was replaced. head gasket has been replaced as was thermostat thinking thats what was causing it this time. after a few mins of driving it starts to overheat and its pushing the water into the resevoir tank. any help is appreciated. no water in the oil it looks great.

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Is the fan coming on? if coolant hose has pressure at operating temp the thermostat is working. During normal operation you will have some coolant moving in and out of overflow tank. Check your fan operation. it should come on once it gets to operating temp. you should be able to command the fan on by turning on the defrost or the max a/c. if it doesnt come on during any of the then You need to check to make sure the fan is getting power. if power is good then its your fan.
thanks for the help. went and triple checked things bout hour after i posted this. showed signs of blown headgasket. white smome out tail pipe. its high enough miles its time to sell it. a big shame to cause other than tht its in immaculate shape lol
If it is really a head gasket you should be getting a steam train effect going on at overflow tank too. if that white smoke smells sweet your probably on right track. good luck with her.