I have what people are calling a death wobble. Help on 2002 Jeep Wrangler

I've changed tiered ends and steering gear box twice. It is a death trap. I can't even drive it over 30 if i hit the slightest bump in road it goes all crazy and makes me feel like its gonna flip. Its the only vehicle i have and have kids. Ive had to borrow a car. I am not putting my kids in that thing. I need a local mechanic that knows about jeeps and is not gonna rip me off. Everyone i call says they can work on it but its not mechanical its suspension related. I've viewed forums that tell me its a process of elimination. I've tried that and can't afford to keep trying parts here and there.

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Take the Jeep to an alignment shop! ... I have seen cracked left frame rails on these vehicles.....!!
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Cross bar bushings on the front axle are bad. It is suspension related.
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