I have water leaking into the oil. the top end has been replaced on 1994 Dodge Dakota

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water drains out the oil pan freely if cap for radiater is removed
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Who ever did the work missed something very, very important. I would take your Dodge back to the shop who worked on it and ask why this is happening?
The shop could have installed the head gaskets on the wrong side or even upside down.They are clearly marked and are particular for each side.If installed incorrectly this would allow water to go places it's not supposed to. IE:an oil journal.Worse case scenario if the reason for the repair was after the engine overheated that may have caused the heads to warp.If the heads were not checked for cracks & milled before being put back on this could cause your problem.And finally worse case scenario is the engine could have gotten so hot that the block itself cracked.There are treatments out there that claim to fix cracked blocks but my experience is it is smarter to just start over and get a new one.Hope this info helps arm you when you take it back to the shop.God speed.