I have two engine codes P1156 and P1161 on 2000 Volkswagen Jetta

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I just purchased this car and it has no power and the check engine light is on with three codes they are P1156,P1161,And P0380 I know nothing about these please help Me i bought it to save money on gas but now i dont know what to do Please reply
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Hello ,
You need to do several things first.Using an appropriate scan tool review the freeze frame data to narrow down the cause for the check engine light being on.
The codes P1156 and P1161 relate to the MAP sensor and Intake Air Temperature sensor electrical circuits. These should be checked per the wiring the diagram. The wiring and connectors from the respective sensors to the ECM , the sensors , or possibly the ECM itself are suspect.
The P0380 is a common code relating to the Glow Plugs and their wiring. Common issues here are the wiring harness and/or the glow plug relay.
In these situations properly diagnosing the problem before making "repairs" will save you time and money.