I have to pump the gas in order for my car to stay running, help? on 1990 Honda Accord

My car is a 1980 Honda Accord. It won't stay running unless I pump the gas pedal like a mad man. I've checked vacuum tubes, and sprayed carborator cleaner in there. That helped a tiny bit but I still have to pump the gas to keep it going. I don't think this helps any but my brake light came on just before everything went bad. Help?

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1980 or 1990 read your question!
1980, when I signed up they wouldn't let me go as old as 1980. But my car is a 1980!
Recheck for vacuum leaks. Pretty sure this is carburetor engine,not a lot of
techs can do much with the actual carb.Reman. replecment is a lot of $
May try to find good used one. Have someone keep engine running while
you spray cleaner around carb.and vac. hoses.If engine picks up spray and
runs better,good chance of vac. leak.Don't spray into carb.just around it.
This may ot may not help.Good luck.
Do you hear any 'hissing' inside the car? If you put your hand on the carb. blocking most of it off , does that smooth it out. Just a suggestion , if you decide on a reman. carb. don't give them the original as core until the reman is on and running right. It's a shame that they can be called 'techs' and not know carburators(just my old fart opinion). Good luck.
I agree but show me any so called tech. these days that can even tell you what
a carb. does. To many young folks that have never worked on anything older
than they are. Just this old farts opinion.