1992 Isuzu Trooper Q&A

1992 Isuzu Trooper Question: I have to change the oil pan gasket. Do i have to torque the bolts?

1992 Trooper LS; 3.2L V6 DOHC, auto trans. What's the torque wrench setting? -
Answer 1
i can advise u in the am. if you still need by then. it should just be tight enough to compress gasket but il ck tomorrow if needed -
Comment 1
Any information is very helpful. My first time doing this and just wasn't sure if it required a specified torque on the bolts. Planning on doing this on Tuesday of this week; gathering all materials needed for this task. -
Comment 2
there are no torque spec's listed on all data. torque tight enough to compress gasket -
Comment 3
Torque tight ie. little more than snug...overtighten, and you'll ruin gasket, and have to start over. -