I have spark,fuel,compression why my suzuki wont start? on 1998 Suzuki Sidekick

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Cam sensor code but i put new distrubtor in it.
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Fouled plugs ?bad/incorrect fuel(Yes I've had a brand new CR-V less then 300 miles on it -towed in because the person put 'bio-deisel'in it)....Cam/crank-out of time? Do all cylinders have at least 120PSI?.Is the exhaust clogged?If plugs are wet with gas , replace them with new , don't try to start an already hard-to-start engine with fouled plugs.try loosening the exhaust at the down-pipe , if it's clogged this will let the engine 'exhale' ..If it can't breath it can't run.----suck-squeeze-bang-boom.Right? hope some of this helps Good luck.