I have replaced the starter, crank sensor and spark plugs and the car still wont on 1991 Lexus LS400

1. I have replaced the starter, crank sensor, fuel pump and spark plugs and the car still wont crank what else could be the problem?

2. How many coil packs do I have on this vechical?

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3 answers
1991 i think has 1 coil. Also a distributor which is most likely the problem, IF, no spark and timing belt is ok!! Did scan test show any codes?
Was any kind of testing done before parts replaced? Good ignition spark present? Fuel pressure ok? Timing belt and compression ok? These basic test got to be done FIRST! Saves time and money.
some vehicles use dual coil packs, some use singular. if dual, than 4. if singular than 8. is it cranking? is it clicking? double check install on spark plugs, and condition of boots on ignition coils. possible damage to plugs on install. possible damage coils from wear(boots would be kind of cooked looking).
Agree with wetry, It is probably the distributor.