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1997 Ford Explorer Question: I have replaced egr valve and gasket and camshaft position sensor. On my home to

Today and check engine light came on. I read the codes with my pocket obd2 scanner and it detected 8 codes ranging from po131 po107 po401and po307. Please help. Po401 is the egr valve. It is brand new. I am hard working and seems that when i get ahead something else happens. I am a liscensed electrician and am willing to trade work for any help that comes my way. Please help -
Answer 1
you may have a bad sensor ground or faulty ECM.. check all grounding points first.. -
Answer 2
D.P. F. E. sensors give a bunch of E.G.R. related problems. You really need a true scanner to check this out! Ford E.C.M. failure is pretty rare as compaired to others! -