I have replaced 10 tires with only 58K miles on my vehicle. What is going on? on 2006 Volvo C70

I have replaced 2 1/2 sets of tires. The last full set of tires lasted only 19K miles and the ones before that were much better. I was just told my front struts were shot but why did that cause my tires to all wear on the inside, causing the belts to be exposed. What caused the problem before when I had to replace all 4 tires.

Replaced two tires on 4/25/09 Mileage 24,688
Replaced four tires on 1/26/11, mileage 38,831
Replaced four tires on 5/1/13, mileage 57,371
What does comment Bolt pattern 5-108 mean? That was on the last two full tire replacements.

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When was the last alignment done?
Right after tires were replaced.
Is this all being done at the same shop , and the cars never been wrecked or hit a good pothole? What brand and 'model' tire are they?
Tires were purchased at Discount tires. Alignment was done at Volvo Dealership. I don't have all my notes with me but original tires were Michelins, last set were Continentals and I think the middle set were also Michelins. Last alignment was just done
Have you ever rotated the tires?
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Most likely it is that suspension components such as control arm bushings need to be replaced. It would be good to have someone check the suspension components before you spend more money on tires.
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