1995 Buick Century Q&A

1995 Buick Century Question: I have radiator coolant leaking into the floorboard in the front seats

The air-conditioner went out about three/four months ago and hasn't been replaced/repaired. I topped off the coolant and the next day there was coolant collected in the front passenger and driver's side floorboard. A friend had a similar problem but a different vehicle... said it might be the heater coil? He said it usually happened when he ran the heater, which is also what happened in my case. Any ideas? -
Answer 1
It sounds like a heater core or heater hoses going in to the heater core. Hard to tell until we have a chance to look at it. Fortunately yours is not one where the entire dash has to be removed. Payne's could replace the heater core for $296 including tax. Contact us at 713.895.9948 if you would like for us to help you out. -
Answer 2
maybe your heater core is leaking -
Answer 3
I would say its most likely your heater core. -