I have problems with my exhaust, where would be the best place to get it fixed? on 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt

My car is very loud when I start it. I had someone weld the holes in the exhaust a couple of months ago and it was quiet for about two weeks and then my car was loud again. Last I knew, the holes were near the gas tank and pretty close to the muffler.

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Bring to shop (could be specialty exhaust shop , if you have one in your area), and have the needed parts REPLACED, rather than band-aided , or the cycle will just repeat more frequently.
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We do exhaust here at CarMasters Virginia Beach 757-456-0722. We often get the hard to do jobs from the exhaust shops when bolts have broken off and they do not want to or do not have the ability to deal with the more in depth jobs, If it is a very easy exhaust repair in addition to CarMasters Mitches muffler and brake in Norfolk is very reasonable as well, Ask for Michael 857-5738
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