1995 Saturn SL1 Q&A

1995 Saturn SL1 Question: i have Oil leaking into the antifrezze?

i have oil leaking into the antifrezze causing a gray sludge and overheating..i have taken apart the engine and the headgasket is fine..wut else could be the problem...and there is no out side cracks on the block? -
Answer 1
most cracked blocks you cannot see the crack with your eye. the bottom line is you need a motor replacement. Roy -
Comment 1
is there another year of the saturn engine that is compatibile with the 95? im having a problem finding another 95 sohc in my area...all im comming across is 94s and 96s... -
Answer 2
It's common on these engines to develop hairline cracks at the camshaft journals. When the engine / cyl. head warms up the crack(s) will open allowing engine oil mix with coolant. You can fix this problem by replacing the cylinder head assembly. There is a TSB describing this problem. If you post an e-mail I'll look for it and send it to you. Zee -
Answer 3
have you checked your oil cooler in the radiator? It can cause the same problem -