1997 Cadillac Catera Q&A

1997 Cadillac Catera Question: i have oil in the coolant in my 1997 cadallic catera

the raditor has been replaced,it dose not overheat,the oil dissapers,and there is no coolant in the oil..im stumped,,and starting to get ready to sell the car.can anybody help -
Answer 1
Transmission oil can enter the coolant if the oil cooler in the radiator leaks, it turns the coolant milky in color. There is an oil cooler mounted in the block under the intake manifold, if that engine is shared with Saturn I think the coolers gave problems where they leaked. Perhaps look on a Cadillac specif forum. Google "Cadillac Catera oil cooler problems" I see quite a few postings about problems. -
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from what im looking at the oil cooler needs to be replaced..thanks..if i ELIMINATE the oil cooler (bypass it) will the car be OK ? i live in CA. -