2008 Ford Escape Q&A

2008 Ford Escape Question: I have noticed when I turn the key car will start and sometimes it won't.

When it doesn't start on noise from engine. I keep turning key and it will start. Has a new battery. -
Answer 1
Do you have check engine light on? If so, get a free read at an autozone and post the codes to further assist you. -
Answer 2
the assembly that the ignition switch slides in has too much play in it. have to turn off and on several times to start. assembly can be replaced. did one same concern couple months ago. take to a dealer. takes couple of hours to replace. -
Comment 1
Will check that, thanks. So its not the starter? -
Comment 2
probably not. -
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about three weeks ago my key started to get stuck in the ignition. i was able to get it out after a few trys but now its been sytuck for three days. everything else seems to be fine.