i have no sound coming from my nakach radio in any tape radion am/fm on 1995 Lexus SC400

changed out the amp today with a used one from an ebay reliable website.. still no sound.. if i change radio is something about some "codes" that i must be concerened with..? if so where do find the codes or get them?

thank u

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is the light on your nakamichi radio?
hello and thank you for ur response... the lights comee on the radio... also, the tape will play a tape, the radio will change stations and the cd player will indicate that a cd is playing dics no and track no. but still no sound... i changed out the amp from one i purchased for a recommended vendor on e bay.. plugged it up and i checked all fuses etc.. still nothing,, checked wiring too, all looks good and there is or have been no water seepage anywhere in the car... my next move is to possible replace the radio. but i am not sure if that will solve he problem..really want to keep the original equip in the car..this is what makes it what it is , an absolutely awesome automobile...
It may be the car phone override. This happened to me. You have to remove the rear seat to expose the harness on the driver side. Disconnect the orange harness connectors and see if your volume returns.
If so, you have to find the phone override wire within the connector and pull it out of the connector.
Merry Christmas and thank you for your reply..I am going to take your advise and check out the car phone connector... i will let you know if that resolved the problem... thanks much..