i have no power steering i had it before i put my gear box on now i have nothing on 2002 Dodge Ram 2500

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the power steering was very good before i put the gear box on i tried getting the air out of the lines for an hour and no change and the power steeringpump is serculating and i had good breaks still does any one have any idea what is wrong with it?
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If it's just air, turn the wheels to the right and let it sit and run for a while allowing it to circulate. If that doesn't work you have another problem. If it is circulating it should be working.
Your dodge is using the old style Saganaw pump. When you disconnected the lines to drain it, sludge and debris from the bottom of the reservoir was drained as well. The problem with the Saganaw is that the debris gets stuck in the pressure relief valve in the pump. The fluid circulates, put does not go to the gear. Hold the steering at the right stop for about 5 seconds then to the left stop for 5 seconds more. Repeat this a few times until the valve clears itself.
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