I have no clue why, but my truck keeps stalling. Why? on 2002 GMC Sierra 1500

Everything was going normal, I drove to a store. Came out of the store and tried to start up my truck but it wouldn't start up (never had this issue before) and I just kept trying, it eventually started. I tried to move my truck, but all the lights on the instrument panel started to flash and sometimes stay on. The gauges would start off at their normal spots but then quickly all drop down to 0. The engine kept stalling, no matter what speed I was going. The truck would only run for a maximum of 1.5min. I was uncomfortable with getting it on the road (severely freaked out actually) so I parked it and got a different ride home. It was like everything just completely stopped immediately. I tried about 30-40 times to get my truck working, but I couldn't even make it halfway around a very small parking lot before it died again.

Most likely the fuel pump has failed! VERRY common problem for GM!!
But why would that cause all of the lights to go crazy?
When the engine stalls or approaches stall rpm, that is usually what happens!! Lights come on or blink and gauge readings go to 0 or fluctuate!
My answer stated "most likely" the fuel pump has failed! A fuel pressure test by a mechanic will quickly confirm if that is the problem or not.
Either way it will need to be checked out since it's not drivable. Should be able to hear the pump run when key is turned on. Listen at the filler neck while a helper turns key on. However it is probably going to need a tow to a place of repair. I was just trying to give a "clue" as to what it can be! Please let us know how it turnes out so others may benefit.
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If your dash lights are acting up, I would think you have an electrical problem. A fuel pump alone will not cause a dash to act up. Check your voltage and/or grounds for good contact, make sure your alternator is not shorted pulling power away from your electrical circuits. This vehicle will run with MAF unplugged, might unplug it and see if it runs better. Just a comment.
............Mass air flow sensor and intake hoses all hooked up and no leaks?
i had the same problem with my truck and it was a starter issue i bought a brand new starter and had the same problem and it turned out to be a faulty silinoid on the starter got one from the wreckers n put it on and the problem went away