I have leaking axle rubber boots both side. Can I have just the boots replaced? on 1998 Suzuki Esteem

Only leaking a little on the front left and looking a little moist on the front right. Can I just do a half axle replacement? Also when is it an emergency to have this done?

Asked by for the 1998 Suzuki Esteem
its good idea to replace both axle to save money on labor. possible just replace rubber boots and half axle. needed to be done if making loud noise when you're turning both sides left or right
I have no noise at all yet when turning either direction. Why does the 1/2 axle have to be replaced? Can't I just have the rubber boot replaced? Is there some kind of labor intensive process to just replacing the boot or is there something I don't understand about the axle?
rubber boot parts sometimes now a days its to hard find and to do the job done are almost the same to put new axles but its totally defends on you the owner what to be done.