I have jeep gcl 2000' tightened battery post now back lights stay on on 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Locks lock and unlock while driving hazards flash continuously tried tightening battery cables now back lights won't go off

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IF only the rear lights are on then check the brake light switch, it must be sticking ON.
Just seeing this thanks also whts would make the 4ways flash from time to time and the doors lock and unlock while I'm driving the left blinker also works when it wants to what can cause this
Change battery lead connectors.
Reset system..
Thanks guys I've changed the battery connector which I see I broke when tightening and switch had a bent connector inside. Now my next problem is all lights and blinkers work except left blinker I've changed switch for blinker and headlights it worked for a while now I get nothing not even ticking when I put on left blinker