2002 Lexus ES300 Q&A

2002 Lexus ES300 Question: I have installed thermostats is Ford and GM engines. Why is this one difficult?

The dealer says Thermostat is stuck open and wants $230+ to replace it. Normally thermostat replacement has been rather simple. Location is at the top of the block under the cap at the end of the radiator hose, 2 screws to open and you are there. What makes this one so complex? Advance Auto Parts has replacement for 1/2 of what you suggest for parts and I think I can do the labor unless there is something I don't know about. -
Answer 1
REPLACEMENT DRAIN COOLANT REMOVE BATTERY REMOVE AIR CLEANER INLET ASSY REMOVE AIR CLEANER ASSEMBLY WITH HOSE REMOVE AIR CLEANER BRACKET REMOVE AIR CLEANER INLET NO.1 DISCONNECT RADIATOR HOSE OUTLET REMOVE WATER INLET PIPE Remove the bolt and water inlet pipe. REMOVE WATER INLET Remove the 3 bolts and water inlet. REMOVE THERMOSTAT INSTALL THERMOSTAT Install a new gasket to the thermostat. Align the thermostat jiggle valve with the upper stud bolt, and insert the thermostat in the water inlet housing. HINT: The jiggle valve may be set within 15° of either side of the prescribed position. INSTALL WATER INLET Torque: 8 Nm (82 kgf-cm, 71 inch lbs.) INSTALL WATER INLET PIPE Install a new O-ring to the water inlet pipe. Apply soapy water to the O-ring. Connect the water inlet pipe to the water inlet. Install the bolt holding the water inlet pipe to the cylinder head. Torque: 20 Nm (204 kgf-cm, 15 ft. lbs.) INSTALL AIR CLEANER ASSEMBLY WITH HOSE CONNECT VACUUM HOSE ADD COOLANT CHECK ENGINE COOLANT LEAK not as easy as you think. Roy -
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Thank You. I get it. I'm dated. The last one I changed was a 69 Gran Prix. -
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dont we all wish they were all that easy. Roy -