I have having a reoccuring issue with the secondary air injection system. on 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer

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I have had this issue checked 3 times so far and again the check engine light came back on after having the issue "fixed" by the dealership. They said it was a faulty part at first. What the heck is going on here. I just purchased the truck 3 weeks ago?
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Not uncommom to see this system set a trouble code P0410. Several things can set this problem up along with poor wire connections and compentent failures. I cannot tell you what the problem is since there is limted info. that you provide. Are they doing this work under warranty?
I've have this same P0410 poblem with my wife's '05 TB. Replaced the Air Injection Pump, the Emissions Relay, & the Air Check Valve. Just a few days after replacing these parts water again accumulated in the pump. I remove the hoses from the pump, start the TB (cold start) with the hose off the check valve and i feel a strong flow of air. If water would stop accumulating in the pump I think the problem would be fixed. I'm taking the TB to an expert mechanic later this week and I'm sure he'll find out whats going on. I'll post the solution. Also had a P0306, misfire on cyl 6, replaced spark plugs, now ok.
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