I have gas leaking from rear on 2003 Saturn Ion

I have gasoline leakingfrom rear by drivers side althought gas tank is on passenger side. What can be cause and how much should I expect to repair

by in Syracuse, NY on March 21, 2012
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ANSWER by on March 22, 2012
You could have a line break or a bad connection to a faulty fuel filter. Driving the vechicle would be dangerous till this is taken care of. Need to locate the leak first. It could be here http://www.ionforums.net/images/files/howto-fuel_filter/Installed.jpg
ANSWER by on March 22, 2012
Fuel pressure lines and return lines may follow the right side going up to the fuel module that is on top of the tank. If it leaks only when the engine is running I suspect that one of the lines could be damaged. Suggest you have a professional shop check it asap for safety sake.
COMMENT by on March 22, 2012
i agree on both very risky to drive and get it looked at asap
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there was a strong smell of gas after filling the tank so i looked under the car and saw fuel running out on the ground. {/4 tank in 10 min} it stopped after jacking up the right rear of the car

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