i have codes that read p0700 and p0562...cant figure this out on 2003 Dodge Neon

car wont go into any gear..rmps dont work..was running great..replaced battery and alternator...cut lights on and it cuts off..was running great and just stopped...any help would be appreciated

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Did you ever get the issue resolved? My 2003 neon is having the EXACT same issue
Check your ground connections.
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Sounds like a wiring issue. Recheck everything you took off and make sure it's tight, pluged in correctly, and no pinched wires. You may possibly have gotten a bad battery or alternator from auto store. I personally have never had this happen to me but it could happen.
Well those codes represent your control system in your vehicle as well as your transmission system needs to be looked at. Have your GM/Dodge/Chrysler dealership do a FULL Diagnostic Check Engine Light test and to see if they come up with the same code(s) that you did. Once they do the test, they will tell you what needs to be replaced and how much it would cost you as well.

Hope this helps and good luck.
You may have a bad shift selection switch. or maybe its unplugged.
Transmission Solenoid