I have codes P0101 and P0172 (2.4L engine) on 2008 Toyota Camry

Sounded like a no-brainer, bad MAF. Have replaced it twice and the code still comes back. Seems to happen more during or after a drive on the highway. Any suggestions?

by in Cleveland, OH on November 22, 2013
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2 answers
ANSWER by , November 23, 2013
When we see those codes together that is a head scratcher unless you really think it through. The P0101 is a MAF sensor performance code, and usually associated to the signal being too low. That should make the car run too lean, but it can in fact set if the MAF sensor is over reporting the airflow too, and that could cause the car to run too rich which is what you have. This can happen if the airflow through the plenum is turbulent in the air inlet where the sensor resides and the sensor is reacting to it. Check for a loose baffle(s) in the tubing, or even debris on the air filter.
ANSWER by , November 22, 2013
Are you using a code reader and replacing parts that are mentioned in the code given? Sure wished I had a parts store, that's a no brainer. Your car is running rich, the first thing I would check is the air filter to see if I could see light through it. To properly diagnose, the fuel trim needs to be scanned. The reason for the code needs to be found and fixed instead of throwing parts at it. If you want to fix things yourself, read up on the reasons for a rich code and possible causes. You can see all the money you could save by having it professionally diagnosed.