i have code po851 park/neutral switch low need location of switch on 2006 Subaru Baja

do you know why a stick shift car would have a park /netral switch and can i bypass it {seemingly does nothing except set a code o0n the computer}

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its on the clutch peddle to keep it from starting til the peddle is depressed. it can be bypassed, but then the car will start while its in any gear.
I worked on cars since 1993 and never seen a clutch peddle. What was the clutch supposed to peddle?
OMG!! WTF.........LOL....LMAO........ but it did take me more than 3 seconds to 'get it' for that I am embarrased.Have you guys been infected with the ziptie virus?
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it is under the dashboard above the clutch pedal, you will find a switch connected to a wiring harness. its purpose is to prevent starting the vehicle unless the clutch is disengaged. I worked on cars since 1993 and honestly never saw a clutch peddle...what was it peddling?
the clutch switch is fine NOT the problem i was hopeing for a subaru tech that was skilled and had facts