I have been told I need new rotors & pads (rear) on my 2003 TDI VW Beetle; on 2003 Volkswagen Beetle TDI

What would/should my costs be, parts and labor to complete this repair.

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I'd love to give you a complete price on a job like this, but honestly, I'd need to get it on a lift and check it so I can determine what it needs. Then I can give you an exact price to the penny. There's no obligation at all to do the work here, but we need to see it and check it. Call me, and I'll set you up an time to come in.. Ernie 972-221-5678
So you are saying that you dont know if I need new rotors and pads? If I did need new rotors and pads on the rear per your instpection what would that cost for a 2003 VW TDI beetle? Or does that vary from 2003 TDI beetle to beetle?