I have been advised that I need 15,000 mile service. Have had oil change. $500 on 2012 Jeep Wrangler

I am trying to remember what 15,000 mile service entails.

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What in the hell did they do that cost you $500.00 on a new vehicle?? Dont go back for damn sure, unless it's to get your money back!
(Aint no way that can be right!)
Please see the reply to Professor G . . . the oil change was around $30.00. They are trying to sell me 15,000 mile service.
This is another story,,cant help. Sorry.
thank you anyway :)
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Where are you!
It is posted there with the question!
I'm getting it :-)
I'm sorry - had to take a station break . . .
Like pulling hens teeth..................Automatic or manual trans.
I responded - automatic.
Listen , that why I told this guy, look in the book , we all know he's getting ripped off , I'm not going to change his mind ,
500.00 for a simple service ,you crazy , I can drive that jeep for 100.000 miles with doing nothing.
The dealer and those stupid checks are there for 1 reason ,"making money"
"U no the ol,' saying " if it ain't broke don't fix it" just drive it .......
Um, I'm not a guy . . . and I didn't pay $500.00 for anything yet. I was told that I needed 15,000 mile maintenance when I went to get an oil change (which was $30.00.) I asked the question because I don't see the necessity for such service in a vehicle that I only drive to and from work and to do errands in - never off-road, never as a plow-truck. I don't want to spend money unnecessarily, either - I'm a working stiff, a secretary, so I ain't got it like that. I got on to ask a question that I didn't know the answer to . . . I appreciate any and all advice from all of you. Thank you :)
It should in back of your manual.
$500.00 for an oil change? Find someone else or it will cost you $15,000.00.
To Professor G: When I went to my Jeep dealer to have the oil changed (which they did for $30.00 or so), I was advised that I was in need of 15,000 mile service (my vehicle has about 16,700 miles on it.) He told me that it consisted of two differential services and something about fuel intake, and that altogether the service was around $500.00. I'm trying to discern what the truth is and what I actually really need right now.
I'll look it up in a minute, Which jeep package, sport, unlimited, etc.? 2WD, AWD.
4 wheel drive
Oh, and Unlimited . . .
Which package wrangler what. Unl sport, sport s, rubican, sahara
Automatic or manual trans.
automatic . . . would have preferred a stick, but getting to the age when one or the other side of my body might fail, and then what?
First; Inspect- Air cleaner element, brake linings, brake hoses and lines, door handle and latches, exhaust system, suspension system. REPLACE-- Engine oil and filter. RESET- oil life system. Rotate tires. That is the 16,000 mile service, Anything else is extra service they make money on, and it is to soon for the upper air induction service. Should be less then $100.00
I swapped out the factory rims for something different - I have already had the tire rotation done for free. What this person was telling me was that this service needed to be done so as not to void out the 3y year/36,000 mile warranty . . . so he was just hustling me. Okay . . . thank you for your assistance. Please forgive my rather green status - this is not my first truck, but my first Jeep!
If you use it a lot for snow removal or such, the fluids, transmission, differentials, should be changed sooner but it doesn't look like you are. The coolant should be changed by 60 months. Good luck.
Thank you, Professor G. I only drive it around town and to work and back . . . Your advice is so very much appreciated!