I have an oil leak on my Drivers side under the power steering pump on 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier

This happens today 1/24/14 the oil leak seems to be coming from under my power steering pump on the drivers side

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Going to have to 'see' where it's coming from. Have it hoisted at a shop to find the leak.
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OK someone help this old man figure out something; When did General Motors turn the engines around so the engine faces the drivers side. I can only remember them facing the passengers side in 1999, how did the power steering pump get mounted on the drivers side where the transmission is, could it be a transmission leak or am I getting old and crazy, just trying to see what goes first, when your mind goes, as if to say I have one. LOL
One reason I didn't make any suggestions about where it is! But hopefully a repair shop can find the leak with it on the lift.
ok I feel better, Thank you PR
Could be the return line clamp, as hose goes into the bottom of the fluid reservoir.
Thank you I will have to check that out I was wondering if it could be a hose because I cannot see it leakin from any where on the motor
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