I have an oil leak and don't know where it's coming from? on 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix

Puddle of oil under car everyday and am adding about 4 quarts a week

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I have repaired many different oil leaks, but without looking to find out where the leaks is, I can't tell you what to fix. Have someone look at it and find what is leaking. Possible, oil pan, front or rear seal, valve cover gaskets.
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I'm assuming you don't want to drive this vehicle anymore. Your oil leak is to severe to drive this car anymore until you find where the leak's are. After all it's only 17 years old. Understand that oil is a liquid. This means an oil leak on a vehicle that's 17 years old you need to start at the top and work your way down. Do the valve cover gaskets first and then thoroughly clean the under side of the engine. After the underside is clean I would put an oil dye in the crankcase to really see where to go to the next oil leak or leaks. Lots of auto techs say it's the oil pan gasket when they haven't even done a dye test.
So tell me is the odometer read at least 150,000 miles.
That's suggested because in many cases it is an oil pan leak.
Ok , its a known problem , its the o ring in the back were the distributor block
Out plate is , that were they use to put the distributor ,
Its a cap with a oring ,99% thats were it coming from without looking..
I remember the 3.1L doing that, it could be the intake as well. We'll get it all covered sooner or later.
True, just not on the 3.8!
Look in the problems section. It does list intake. Haven't seen it.
NO, the oil pump drive gear is not at the rear of this engine!!! That o-ring thing in other words, didn't see your post! LATER! Too nice here for this bs! Going fishing.
No worries alls good. Have to fix a water leak. Keep up the good work. Lol
No tks, yall can have it!!
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