I have an odd smell in the car and on my clothes after driving with AC on. on 2002 GMC Envoy

the AC runs great and cold. I have condensation on the ground after running it - so that seems normal. Do I need to change a cabin filter (do I have one?) or clean out the evaporator if there's mold somewhere?

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I don't have my access right now to my information data base, call a local parts store or your GMC dealer and ask them for a price for a cabin air filter, if they give you a price there is one fitted to your car. Change the cabin air filter and try spraying Lysol or some antibacterial spray into the cavity where the cabin air filter sits and the air vents of you car and let it sit a while. they work the air blower and locate the air intake around the lower windscreen panel remove any debris located there and spray Lysol there too with the fan blower on full so it gets drawn into the a/c- heater system.