I have an intermittent stalling problem, it will happen at any time. on 2002 Pontiac Bonneville

Whether its idling or driving it will start chugging and then stall. I checked the fuel pressure while the car was chugging and finally stalled and the pressure stayed up the entire time. Now I'm leaning towards MAF or CKP sensor. Can I bypass the MAF sensor to determine if that is my problem or not?

by in Fort Wayne, IN on August 27, 2012
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ANSWER by , August 27, 2012
Do you have access to a scanner? Very helpful tool for this prob.
COMMENT by , August 27, 2012
I had it scanned at Advance Auto Parts and it had a code saying MAF sensor low voltage. I forgot to mention that when it stalls, I can start it back up and sometimes it will run ok and sometimes it will do the same thing.
COMMENT by , August 27, 2012
Think it may be MAF.
COMMENT by , August 28, 2012
I would like to verify that's what it is by bypassing the MAF if that's possible, before I drop $140.
COMMENT by , August 28, 2012
With eng. warmed up,tap on MAF with screwdriver handle (idle speed) see if eng. responds at all if it stumbles or even changes in response to tap REPLACE MAF!! Good luck. I don't know of a way for bypass.
COMMENT by , August 29, 2012
Only way to by-pass would be if you have a friend with a model that has THE EXACT same MAF on their car and swap to see if synptom goes away. Otherwise the GM 'tap test has been around for years and seems to be reliable in many cases. Also try wiggling wires in connection to see if their is a response (loose pin connector). Make sure no vacuum leaks between MAF and throttle body. Other manifold lines included. Good luck.