I have an intermittent gauge cluster problem.
on 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe

The gauge cluster goes dead even if the vehicle is not moving. I have switched the cluster with another vehicle and it works fine, also the other cluster does not work in the Tahoe. Does the cluster operate off the E.C.M.? Or do you know where the cluster ground attaches to the frame?

Have you 'TESTED ALL' fuses with a test light??... ALL FUSES inside & out.!!!... Reply and let me know!
Yes I have tested all the fuses and they are good.
With cluster in dash but not fastened, turn key on and wiggle cluster around to see if it comes alive... 'Possible' connection issue with vehicle harness connector to printed circuit in the back of IP... Instrument Panel can be 'scan' tested!!!!!..... AutoZone/code reader is NO help!