1996 Honda Odyssey Q&A

1996 Honda Odyssey Question: I have an estimate for work..is it worth getting fixed? 186K miles

part numbers H748546 right rear hub kay $600, B47588 right rear bar kay $110, labor $475, G6854745 shocks right rear $335 misc. & alignment $85 all times two, since left side also needs this.Total ~$3300 Already put new tires and new timing belt in Feb. Wife loves this car...it squeaks underneath getting in/out, riding over bumbs -
Answer 1
Get a second diagnosis and estimate. Fix safety & drivability issues. Does your wife like the van enough to put up with a squeak? I'm from Long Island originally...... Jersey roads weren't much different ... only so much you'll get out of any suspension before it starts to complain. Anyone remember the Belt Parkway--mid eighties? -