I have an engine stopping problem with my 1992 Buick Lasabre? on 1992 Buick LeSabre

The car was broken into and the person broke the left side of the collum and broke the linkage to start the car. I took out the old collum and put in a collum I got at a wreaking yard. I installed the new collum and then I took out the key switch from the old colum and put it in the new colum. The dash warning lights are on before I put the key in the lock and start the engine. When I turn off the car the engine does not stop. I have to disconnect the battery to stop the car. I would like to find out what I did wrong.

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Sounds like ignition switch at bottom of column is out of adjustment.
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Not possible to say what you did wrong. Please bring it in and we can diagnose the issues.