I have an electrical problem. The aren't any blown fuses. on 2002 Hyundai Elantra

the diagnostic port has no power even to it. these are the things that dont work. radio,dash lights,clock, power door locks,diagnostic port. all which stopped at once.

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Unless you have checked each and every fuse and anything that even looks like a fuse with a tester, the fuses have not been properly checked! That's just how it is!
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you should check your fuses again with a test light If they are ok then you probably have a broken wire somewhere
I have an 01' 5spd and everything worked light and open door dinger thing worked. I put in a Dual stereo in aftermarket and my break running lights/dash cluster/clock/above lights/door lights/remote button/locks won't lock all when you lock the driver. Changed some fuses but nothing is working I'll help you if you help me, please!