i have an automatic transmission but wont shift out of the 1st gear. on 2001 Dodge Ram Van 1500

i use last week work perfect and this morning start to do that.
what can i do. or what is the problem. thank you.

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With a bit more information maybe we can solve this together. I need the answer to the following two questions:
1: Does your speedometer function properly?
2: Is your check engine light on?
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He Genaro,

Unfortunately, there is no way to diagnose this issue over the internet. We would have to take a look at the car to give you an accurate diagnosis of this issue. Anyone that diagnoses this based on your description is just guessing. Please call us if you want to make an appointment or if you need help getting the car into our shop. Our first 1/2 hour of diagnostic time is free and we can usually get a pretty good idea of the problem in that 30 minutes.


Dennis Eidson
Honest-1 Auto Care of Roswell
The transmission electronics may have a problem and placed the transmission into "fail Safe" mode. I suggest that the vehicle not be driven until it can be diagnosed professionally. If you need additional questions answered see our website at or call us 408-258-6625